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Sending off your CV to a company can be quite scary! I personally tend to doubt myself before I send it, so below are the top CV tips to ensure you are confident sending it off to your employer! 

Keep it Simple 

Try to not over complicate the design and layout. The font and layout are key to maintaining the employer’s attention. Using an intricate design and colours can move the focus away from your skills and experience. The simpler the better! Stick to black and white, maximum 2 pages depending on your relevant experience 

Often times, employers will put your CV through an automated system to pick out CV’s with specific attributes. Keeping your CV simple will help these systems detect key words and get you a better chance of getting that interview! 

Update your CV  

Employers will know when you have sent an old CV in, it looks unprofessional and can show you lack of care and attention to detail. Update all your experience, highlight the relevant ones and use keywords from the job’s description.  

Don’t be afraid to remove and job/work experience that might not be relevant! 

Don’t be Generic 

Try to not use the same examples as everyone else! (Example; Hard worker) Instead, make it relevant to the job you are applying for.
For example, if you had experience with Customer Service, highlight the fact that you are a good communicator because of this experience. Back up your experience with skills learnt or improved! Employers will take this as a sign you are a dedicated learner and keen! 

Do your Research 

Following the last tip, research the company you are sending your CV to! What are their goals? Search up similar job roles and see what keywords they use in the job advert! Make a small list of the keywords most commonly used in these job adverts and use them to highlight what skills and knowledge you have that makes you the right person for the job! 

Use a ‘Core Skills’/’Skills’ Section 

A small section listing your most valuable skills can help an employer get a quick look at your most defining skills and see if you are a good fit for the role at first glance. List the skills that relate to the job description and what defines you the most! 

We hope these tips will help you with writing or editing your next CV!
– Aegis People Recruitment 


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