How to Answer; Do you have any Questions?

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Why is it important to ask questions? 

Asking questions during the interview gives both the applicant and the employer a chance to get to know one another better!
It’s important to ask questions towards the end of your interview because it can show that you are serious and interested in the job/role available!
Asking questions can also leave a memorable impression on the Hiring Manager!
What happens if you don’t ask questions in an interview?
Failing to ask questions can make it look as if you’re not really interested in the position—even if you are. 

How many questions should you prepare? 

You should consider up to 10 questions! That may seem like a lot, but its important to prepare more questions in case some of them are answered during the interview!
Make sure to ask any questions prepared that were not covered in the interview! 

Research the company! 

Researching the company you are applying for is an easy way to find out the company’s history, mission, and values. You can bring these up in your questions! Ask about the companies’ values, mission etc! 


As silly as it may seem, rehearsing your prepared questions, how you are going to answer to certain questions can help you get through you interview stress free! Preparing thoroughly for your upcoming interview can boost your confidence and keep your nerves down! This means you’ll appear calmer and more collected during your interview! 

We hope these points help you prepare for you next interview!
– Aegis People Recruitment 


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